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LoveFilm | LoveFilm Instant | Netflix

Company Free Trial ? Price Sign Up
LoveFilm Instant 30 days £4.99 Sign Up
LoveFilm by Post 30 days from £5.99 Sign Up
Netflix 28 days £5.99 Sign up

Most DVD rental companies offer at least a 14 day free trial, so you could always try them all and see which one suits you best, that means you would have over 2 months of free rentals if you tried them all!

DVD Rental companies also seem to price the monthly rental depending on how many DVDs you can rent at once, most companies allow you to rent 1, 2 or 3 DVDs at once. The more dvds you rent at once the more your monthly rental will be.

Also all companies let you keep the dvds for as long as you want, and they all provide stamped addressed envelopes for you to return your dvds in.

If you decide to just stream your movies to your PC, Mac, Tablet, Games Console or TV then you can get a 30 days free trial from Netflix or Lovefilm and see if you prefer the streaming service to receiving DVDs in the post. Now with a streaming service you can watch as much TV as you like.




Starting with a 30 day, no-strings-attached free trial, members choose the films they want to watch and add them to a “queue” – a preference list. DVDs are sent to users by first class post and can be kept for as long as desired - there are no late charges. The user then returns their DVD in a pre-paid envelope, and the next selection in their queue is dispatched.

After the two week free trial the user can opt to stay on, and at this point the service continues as before, for a monthly membership fee from £5.99. There is no minimum term of subscription and the user can cancel at any time provided all their DVDs have been returned.

The LOVEFiLM library is up to 16,000 films and counting, with titles ranging from the usual big releases, through to films in arenas as diverse as Family Entertainment to Classic, Indian Cinema and Adult, so there's plenty to choose from.

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LoveFilm Instant

Get unlimited access to more than 5,000 movies and TV episodes, many in HD. You can watch instantly in high quality on your TV, PS3, Xbox 360, laptop, tablet, smartphone, Wii and iPad.

Watch as much TV as you like, from movies to series boxsets.

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Instantly watch unlimited TV episodes & movies over the Internet right on your TV, computer and various mobile devices. Watch instantly on your TV via your Wii™ console, PS3™ system, Xbox 360, network connected Blu-ray players, HDTVs and more. Watch as much as you want, as often as you want for only £5.99 a month. Start your free trial today! Short Promo Copy: Instantly watch unlimited TV episodes & movies over the Internet right on your TV, computer and various mobile devices. Watch as much as you want, as often as you want for only £5.99 a month. Start your free trial today!

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As you explore the library, simply add any DVDs you want to your Selection. You can search for specific titles, or browse through genres, collections, listings by date... We'll send you 1, 2 or 3 DVD(s) from your Selection right away, in a pre-paid envelope. When you're done, just slip the DVD back into the pre-paid envelope, and drop in your nearest post box. As soon as we receive your previous DVD(s), we'll send more from your list. It's that easy.

Tesco DVD Rental is an entertainment paradise for a reason: there are no late fees and no due dates. So feel free to watch the minute the title's in your hand, or take your own good time to get around to it. Our business is based on making you happy, not charging you late fees. There are no hidden costs.

Unlimited packages

We aim to give you unbeatable value for money, and always better our competition: for example, the average overnight charge for DVD rental from a shop is £3.13 overnight - at Tesco DVD Rental you can rent as many DVDs as you like for as little as £8.97 per month. And as if all this isn't tempting enough, it's absolutely free for the first 14 days. Discs are sent and returned in pre-paid first class envelopes.

Value packages

For occasional viewing choose between 3 great value packages with 1 or 2 DVDs at home at any one time. Plans range from £4.47 to £7.47 per month and are sent both ways by pre-paid second class post. When you reach your limit you'll wait until the next month for the next DVD.

Whether you choose an unlimited or value package, if you are 100% satisfied with the Tesco DVD Rental service after your free trial, do nothing and we will continue to send you titles from your Selection on the same package. After your free trial has ended you will be billed for one month's subscription. After that, you will be billed monthly on the same date.

Cancel Anytime

You can cancel anytime - online, 24 hours a day - with no cancellation fees or funny business. You're not committed to anything except excellent entertainment and we hope you'll love it so much you'll stay in entertainment paradise forever. Cancellation takes place once all our DVDs have been returned.

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